Sunday, March 2, 2008

John Abrahams and Superior Surf Systems in Duluth

John Abrahams was the best man in our wedding. We've kept in touch over the years, although that could always be improved upon. He has been in Duluth, MN for the last eon or so, which also happens to be the town where I spent the bulk of my childhood years. It's a great place if you bring your own job with you. Or start something, which is what John has done. I got a call from him last night. He's coming down to Canoecopia for the first time ever and staying with us. Should be big fun. He's a great guy. And he is also the founder of Superior Surf Systems. I knew he had been thinking of starting a kayak shop and I had searched for him and all sorts of kayak keywords near Duluth. Turns out he does surf skis. These are unusually long sit-on-top kayaks. surf skis
So I was googling for the wrong thing this whole time. Anyway, it turns out that surf skis got their start in South Africa and have been around awhile but are keeping a VERY low profile. John is determined to change that a bit and bring surf skiing to the Midwest and Lake Superior.