Thursday, July 7, 2016

adding a line of tutorials for ipad and phone

The thick of paddling season is up on me here in sunny soWI. Algae blooms and weeds are in all the Madison lakes (I think) like usual, but my favorite lake near Cambridge is spring fed and it remains pure pleasure. If you're a local, Lake Ripley is a diamond in the rough, hidden away just a few minutes outside of Madison. Nice little beach and pleasant paddling. It's not wilderness, but it is swimmable and remarkably weed- and algae-free. The beach remains a favorite memory from our days as the parents of little kids. Back in the day, I would also ride to Cambridge in the early morning on Saturdays and then swim in the lake for my triathlon training. Good stuff. Still never managed a high finish though. I hated running then and still do now.....

On another note, we continue selling paddlesports DVDs on Amazon and to a lesser extent Createspace, but the world seems to be migrating away from DVDs. I know our household has. So I am porting all of our DVDs over to a video tutorial format that works nicely for phones and tablets. DVDS obviously do not work on those devices. So I'm thinking it might be time to get up to date as far as display devices go.

I am curious what the market might be for paddling instruction on these devices. I think the demographics are different, but I am unclear if that works in favor of paddle instruction topics or not. I would love to read your comments on moving to these new formats and devices!
Jeff Bach
Quietwater Films