Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Canoecopia 2014 version

So this was a year of walking the aisles instead of having a booth at CC. Judging by how far away I had to park, it seems like this was a good weekend for everyone at CC. Packed parking lot and crowded aisles at noon on Sunday. I guess there are a few people interested in paddling..... All the usual players were there for the most part. My favorites were two little guys that I happened across. It seems like there is always one aisle that has all the innovators in small booths packed into it. Does kind of make me wonder why I never see anything innovative at the big booths..... Meg McCall was at the Angle Oar booth. Her idea, company and working prototype caught my eye the most out of all the booths at CC. I thought the idea her engineer dad came up with, that she is pushing out into public was a great one. a very cool innovation from Meg McCall and her DadWhen I fish from kayak, paddleboard or canoe, where to put the paddle is a constant issue. That was the first thing that came to mind for me when I saw an Angle Oar. Finally a place to "keep" the paddle where it doesn't fall in and float away. All I have to do is let go of it. The other thing I like about it is that I can easily paddle with one hand on either side of the boat. Usually what happens is that if I want to make an adjustment the paddle is always on my other side, so I have to put everything down to get the paddle. With an Angle Oar one half is always available on either side. Very cool. To me anyway. I think to many other paddling fishing types as well. I love to see people that recognize an opportunity and fill the gap. Looks to me like Meg McCall and her Angle Oar device are on the way!!!!!
Angle Oar

The second thing that caught my eye was a portable grill from SLATWORX, (with a singular X no Ks plural!) another favorite piece I saw at Canoecopia 2014 I think this is also a great idea. Not quite as gap filling as the Angle Oar, but I do think the Slatworx grill does put a fresh new twist on a piece of camping many people do not care for - the existing dirty grill at the established campsite - prior usage unknown. I know the possibility of what the prior camper did to the grill bothers my wife. It bothers me if I think about it too much. The slatworx grill offers an easy alternative. Easy to setup, take down, and package away. Good stuff.