Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Darren Bush needs some encouragement!

Hi all

Hopefully there's a few solo canoers that on occasion put down their paddles and get on the internet. I know that paddling is almost always better than staring at a screen, but hopefully sometimes you solo'ers do look at a screen and maybe even search on solo canoeing topics.

If so, maybe now you are here -

Because I need some help :)

I've been after Darren for a couple years now to do a second more advanced instructional DVD for solo canoeing. Last fall we spent a wonderful afternoon out scouting locations, but nothing came to fruition. I'm not sure what he is thinking, but I'm thinking that solo canoeing is a wonderful pursuit that not enough people know about, much less participate. He is not quite the world's biggest extrovert. He might even be a bit shy.

Darren is a big famous dude in the paddlesports world now, but he still loves to get out on the Wisconsin River in his solo canoe. We've always been loosely attached as partners in the films that Quietwater Films has done. When it comes to a second solo canoe DVD project, I've tried cajoling, wheedling, empathy, persuasion, and enthusiasm. I think I am too close to the source to have an effect, or else he is terminally shy (except he already did the other three DVDs).

He needs to hear from solo canoers, hopefully solo canoers that are interested in an advanced instructional DVD for solo canoeing, as well as some content that promotes solo canoeing.

I'm not seeing much growth in the canoeing world. I would love to create some content that improves paddling techniques AND also gets some pretty pictures (both moving and still) out there that serve to generate some interest in this awesome little slice of time on the water.

I would love it if you would call or email Darren Bush at Rutabaga. Let him know you like solo canoeing. Let him know that you would be interested in supporting a second DVD on solo canoeing instructions (and more!) I won't put his number or email up for fear of spammage, but I will add this link to the Rutabaga website contact page. For those of you that do not know, he owns both Rutabaga and Canoecopia.

He is a quality guy. He is a great teacher and he loves solo canoeing! All great attributes for someone to paddle and talk in front of a camera about all things solo canoeing!

thanks for the help!

happy paddling!
Jeff Bach
Quietwater Films Owner and Producer