Thursday, February 7, 2008

a very interesting geography website

An interesting website I stumbled across today - Geosense

After too many hours shoveling snow, I came in and sat down for a bit. Yesterday's blizzard was amazing! A real old fashioned blizzard! Anyway, Stumbleupon is a neat little utility I use once in awhile. You press the button and it serves up a random site for your time wasting pleasure. Kind of like channel surfing.

Today Stumbleupon served up Geosense to me. I tried it and was quickly hooked. It's nothing more than a simple game where you try to pinpoint the given location before your competitor does. You can play against the clock as well. Try it. I thought I knew my geography...this site is showing me otherwise!

The snow we have on the ground in the Madison, WI. should certainly make for a great water year!


Anonymous said...

Just bought and watched your video on "paddling the recreational kayak." Great job! As a "newbie," I found it very helpful -- bought my Necky last August and was on Lake Winnebago every day till the cold weather arrived. I'm hooked!
See you at Canoecopia '08.
Terry L.

Jeff Bach said...

Hi Terry
Glad you liked the DVD! See you in a few days! Jeff