Friday, May 23, 2008

stacation - coming soon to a vacation near you

stacation - sta • ca • tion [stā - cā - shuh n]
  1. event that occurs close to home; may replace the family vacation;
  2. strongly correlates with historically high gas prices, as well as oil company profits
  3. may make destination resorts nervous
  4. makes paddling in Wisconsin even cooler, especially if you live here
[Origin: 2008 summer; < L stacātiōn- (s. of stacātiō; stay home and try to have fun; see stacate, -ion); r. ME stacacioun < AF]

Had to laugh when my partner Darren used this word in conversation for the first time. I believe he attributed it to some radio talk show host he had recently heard. Listen for it in a conversation near you.

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