Monday, April 6, 2015

E is for Eggs in a Hole

Sometimes things just taste better. Just 'cause. Other times the taste reflects the company you are eating with, other times the pan that was used, and other times it's just plain good food. This particular time it was all of the above. I was staying with Jimbo Meador prior to the start of our project. They were kind enough to feed me breakfast. They wondered if "eggs in a hole" would be OK. "Never heard of it," I said. The rest is history. Sitting with Jimbo and Lyn eating breakfast in their cool old house on the beach was a treat. Watching the egg go from runny to firm to perfect in the hole in the bread in this wonderful looking cast iron pan was ...southern I guess. I still remember that breakfast. I don' remember the rest of the day but I remember eating eggs in a hole with Jimbo and Lyn, enjoying every morsel of breakfast and each scrap of syllable. Good people good place good day. Good food too.

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