Wednesday, April 15, 2015

M is for Minnesota

I live in Wisconsin, which is right next door to Minnesota. I grew up in Duluth, MN., up at the edge of Lake Superior, so I feel like I know the state halfway well. Like Wisconsin, Minnesota is in flyover country. I wonder if Minnesota is experiencing the same malaise that Wisconsin seems to be mucking through. With the two states side by side it's easy to compare them against each other. Which is recovering from recession? Which is offering better living conditions? The Wisconsin governor has the taint of closely attached big money outsiders. Does the MN governor have that as well? Maybe but that's not the feel I get from MN. Could be media coverage and consumption differences I guess. Could be that the Wisconsin governor is conservative and somehow just seems unable to add anything to inform change, whereas my perception of the Minnesota governor is that he is being more liberal and somehow vaguely seeming smarter and capable of change by adding something rather than change merely by removal which is the impression I have of the WI governor.

Which state has the healthier more vibrant big city? I would have to give that to Minnesota just by feel more or less. Personally, every time I have gone to Milwaukee, the WI big city, for work I have been impressed, but I've always gone to the suburbs and not the inner city. The inner city I think is where the differences are going to show up. Milwaukee seems to be more tragic and broken. Minneapolis/St. Paul not so much. Again maybe just media coverage.

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