Tuesday, April 14, 2015

L is for Louisiana

I was in Louisiana for a project in early 2009. January. Hurricane Katrina had roared through there in 2005 if memory serves. Four years +/-. Scenes like this boat tossed up on the road shoulder were still common place even with four years of time to clean up and recover. Even around New Orleans and Slidell, if you went more than a quarter mile off the freeway cloverleaf, you were right back in the devastation. It was sad. Amazing. Staggering. Easy to feel like you were in a third world country. Four years after the event. I wonder what it was like in the rural areas far from the public eye that the main freeway thoroughfares offered? It's ten years after the fact as I write this. I hope recovery has finally completed. It's not a third world country. I hope things are back to where they need to be......

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