Friday, April 10, 2015

I is for Ipanema Beach

I is the first letter I have struggled with in this challenge. Until this point, each letter has led to a word with meaning to Quietwater Films. But I came up dry with "I". Somehow Ipanema Beach came to mind. The wonders of randomness.

So I went to my new buddy Wikipedia and found a surprise that at least makes (maybe) "I" more interesting. Ipanema Beach is this big fancy world famous beach in Rio do Janeiro, Brazil. I thought the name was Portugese and would have some important meaning.

Turns out that Ipanema is a native (Tupi) word that means "Stinky lake". I think it refers to the lake behind the beach.There you have it, the surprise for the day (to me anyway). Thinking that a beach that big and famous and exotic must have some important origin, only to find the opposite. Stinky Lake.

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